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Dedalu Dedalu

Dedalu Daedalus

Birds and Nature Photography @ Raub: Dedalu

Dedalu Daedalus

Dedalu Dedalu

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Dedalu Dedalu

Stephen Dedalus

Will she keep the child? In mythological ancient Greece, Icarus flew above Crete on wings made from wax and feathers, defying the laws of man and nature.

  • I search for that mistletoe plant.

  • Dedal zobaczył, że już go nie widać, i przeszukiwał niebo i morze.

Dedalus Italy

Na posljetku je Dedal sigurno stigao u , gdje se o njemu brinuo kralj.

  • Thanks, William Jamieson Geoff, Thanks for your suggestion, I have being looking into implementing the fractional Laplacian myself, using the Hilbert transform as a guide.

  • Daedalus gave his name, , to many Greek craftsmen and many Greek contraptions and inventions that represented dextrous skill.