Grape velvet tealive - Sowing Seeds for Sustainability

Velvet tealive grape Dutch Mill

Velvet tealive grape Sowing Seeds

Velvet tealive grape Sedap Ke

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Velvet tealive grape Tealive Grape

Sowing Seeds for Sustainability

Velvet tealive grape Lose Weight

Sumpah Sedap! Menu Baru Tealive Collab Dengan Famous Amos

Velvet tealive grape Dutch Mill

True Vitamin Water enters the market as an energising healthy drink

Velvet tealive grape Tealive launches


Velvet tealive grape Tealive Yam

Velvet tealive grape Cuba Tealive


Velvet tealive grape Dutch Mill

Tealive goes glam with Velvet Grape series

The bubble tea or boba tea trend that spread from Taiwan to Malaysia years ago has witnessed a resurgence in popularity in Malaysia in recent years, spurred by expanding store networks, a focus on product innovation, intensive social media marketing campaigns, customer loyalty programmes and brands introducing online ordering services.

  • Kali ni aku tertarik pula nak cuba menu-menu baru Tealive ni tak seperti menu-menu baru sebelum ni.

  • Untuk topping ada 3Q Jelly, Black Diamond dan juga Coconut Jelly.

Dutch Mill Delight focusing on home delivery, new 400ml pack

Dalam perkongsian sebelum ni, aku ada bagi tahu yang mana Tealive memperkenalkan Grape Velvet series untuk waktu terhad Limited Time Offer.

  • The bubble tea trend will continue to prevail in the near future, with brands continue to expand their store network.

  • With this launch, Tealive is tapping into the popularity of milk teas, smoothies and bubble teas in Malaysia and attracting new consumers to its fold by leveraging new flavour and texture combinations.