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It also helped that his accidental cover story was as a resident of a Klatchian town whose residents were a byword for stupidity: the locals believed him to be from Ur also the name of a real city of ancient Mesopotamia because that's what he said when they asked him.

  • He always dines at the Y.

  • Michael is clearly panicking for a second before offering to switch to English instead.

Cunnilingus: how to give (and receive) oral sex to a woman

Of course, they generally use their skill in deciphering texts, not actually speaking it.

  • Interestingly, his French is said to be poor in these books until he overwinters in a French household, but stories set earlier in his career have him quite fluent and establish that he learned it from an expatriate tutor as a boy—evidently as his service took him hither and thither, his French skills rusted and his Spanish learned later during a two-year spell as a prisoner of war improved.

  • Whereas most Cunning Linguists go from mild-mannered to badass, he does it the other way around.