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2021 hamper raya 8 Ramadan

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2021 hamper raya Raya

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2021 hamper raya Raya 2022

Raya 2021: Your definitive foodie's gift guide

2021 hamper raya Raya Hamper

2021 hamper raya 16 Ramadan

2021 hamper raya Raya 2022


The 5 Best Options for Hari Raya Hampers in Singapore [2022]

If you're looking for the perfect Raya gift this year especially for the foodies in your life , you've come to the right spot.

  • We specialize in bringing a modern and creative twist to our and products.

  • Curated and ethically sourced directly from the brand's local resources, you'll find 12 handcrafted bon bon flavours in this Raya gift box.

16 Ramadan and Hari Raya Gifts and Hampers To Buy in 2021

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  • Our location at Prima Saujana, Kajang, Malaysia.

  • The humble response to this will be, nothing.

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