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Malaysians Must Know the TRUTH: Ronnie Liu voted out of Selangor DAP leadership

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Ronnie Liu under probe following appearance at durian farmers’ court proceedings

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Liu ronnie DAP lawmakers

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DAP to face disaster if it drops performing Johor reps: Ronnie Liu

Ronnie Liu: 'Blind' DAP supporters not posing for Mahathir selfies now

He has to remember that his party is not the biggest one in the coalition and that the people did not vote with him in mind as the prime minister for the full term.

  • Now is the real test for us, so please spread the message to everyone that we are here to fight for your rights! He added that the khat controversy and claims that Chinese educationist group Dong Zong were racist had also damaged DAP in the eyes of the non-Muslim community.

  • Nurul Izzah Nurul Izzah 10.

Hannah Yeoh slams Ronnie Liu over remarks, Liu hits back, labelling her 'immature'

All the speeches for the night were in Bahasa Malaysia, in which I am not very fluent so apologies in advance for missing details in the following summaries or mistranslation.


  • They report to the PM, not Parliament.