Makam mahsuri - Mahsuri's Tomb and Museum, Langkawi

Mahsuri makam Tomb Mahsuri

Mahsuri makam Malaysian Historical

Mahsuri makam Makam Mahsuri

Mahsuri makam Alamanda Villas

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Mahsuri makam Makam Mahsuri

Legenda Mahsuri : Melawat Makam Mahsuri, Langkawi

Mahsuri makam Mahsuri's Tomb

Mahsuri makam Mahsuri Tomb

Mahsuri makam Mahsuri’s Tomb

Makam Mahsuri (The Tomb of Mahsuri)

Mahsuri makam A Tragic

Lagenda Kisah Mahsuri Pulau Langkawi (Mitos dan Fakta)

makam mahsuri

Many locals believe the story, attributing decades of unsuccessful attempts at cultivation to Mahsuri's curse.

  • Visit Makam Mahsuri for a glimpse of her famous Mahsuri's grave.

  • Most accounts say that she was born in a farmers family while few claim that she was a princess.