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中文 osaka ‎大阪中文地图

中文 osaka osaka中文_osaka是什么意思

中文 osaka OSAKA GAS

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中文 osaka ‎大阪中文地图

osaka中文, osaka是什么意思

中文 osaka ‎大阪中文地图

中文 osaka osaka中文, osaka是什么意思

Kochi Course2 day4

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It is home to a range of skilled manufacturers in the electronics, pharmaceutical, machinery, device, chemical, food, and construction industries.

  • The container handling capacity of the Hanshin Port is at the top level among the major ports of Japan, both for domestic and foreign trade, and it has excellent harbor functions.

  • Unique businesses in the sports industry and game content sectors also add variety to the economy.


Economic data for Osaka GDP - A comparison of the nominal GDP of Kansai and the major countries of the world The total production in the Kansai region reaches 913.

  • There are approximately 440,000 places of business in Osaka prefecture and approximately 200,000 within Osaka City.

  • Nintendo Omron Kyocera Home Leisure Equipment Electric Equipment Electric Equipment Hyogo Pref.